About me
Peggy Kraus, MA, RCEP, CDCES is a registered clinical exercise physiologist. She holds a master’s degree in adult exercise and is certified in both diabetes care and education and in teaching plant-based nutrition – a combination of credentials that has helped to make her an expert in both weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes.

Peggy’s been counseling people on diet, exercise, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease for more than 25 years. She's worked with thousands of people who have health-related goals just like yours.

As a young exercise physisiologist, Peggy learned that exercise could lower blood glucose. So, if exercise could lower blood glucose, what else could? Since then, she’s been scouring the research for information about what raises and what lowers blood glucose. From what she learned, she has created a type 2 diabetes reversal program and named it aptly, Erasing Diabetes.

To be able to help more people, Peggy also counsels people who don't have diabetes to reach their goal weights. No smoke. No mirrors. Just simple steps to long-term success.

Because a key component of lowering blood glucose is weight loss and weight-loss maintenance, Peggy teaches evidence-based interventions that reduce body fat. Over the years, she's developed a smart system that will help you to reach your ideal weight and stay there. 

Peggy has also worked in cardiac rehab for more than 25 years where she encourages her cardiac patients to adopt a plant-based diet so they can improve their outcomes and avoid another cardiac event.

Peggy is married and has two 20-something year-old sons and Leo, their Puerto Rican rescue. For 8 months a years, Peggy commutes to work via bicycle -- to do her part for the environment and to help stay fit and strong.

Peggy is a proud member of Sage Circle Alliance. She shares their vision: Accelerating the global shift toward a plant-based lifestyle.

"Thank you Peggy for making me understand how diabetes works and how it affects my body. You have made me aware of the value of eating non-processed whole food and the importance of daily exercise. 

"Changing my old habits has been hard but your caring support has made me realize I am not alone in this process." 

--  Joyce L., Eastport, NY

Are you ready to change your life?

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