Erasing Diabetes is the type 2 diabetes reversal program created from cutting-edge research and clinical practice experience. The right mix of diet, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep can send your glucometer and your diabetes medication into the trash. 

Is Erasing Diabetes right for you?

Are you overweight?

Do you worry about your health will be like in the future?

When you have diabetes, your health, peace of mind, and spontaneity suffer.

What has having high blood glucose has left you with? Pills. Glucometers. Low-carb foods. Fatigue. Not to mention worrying about what your health will be like in the future.

Don't settle for glucometers and long lists of medications!

You’re frustrated with the numbers on the scale and on the glucometer, and you’re completely disgusted by the rising costs of medications and glucometer strips. You’re afraid that someday, if you’re not doing it already, you’ll have to inject insulin. For most people, it’s all part of having type 2 diabetes.

To try to fix what comes with type 2 diabetes, you take medications that have serious side effects. You eat fewer carbs and generally less food, but you still gain weight. 

But here’s something your doctor probably hasn’t told you. Type 2 diabetes is a temporary condition, and it can be erased from your life completely!

Evan Purcell first dropped his A1C from 12.1 to 5.6, and today, his A1C is 4.8. In total, he's lost 240 pounds. You can do it too!

High blood glucose is merely a sign that your lifestyle needs some work. Combining the right food with the right exercise -- and some other lifestyle changes -- will help bring blood glucose levels back to normal. When blood glucose is normal, there’s no need for pills, glucometers, or worry. You’re strong. You’re healthy. And you’re FREE of diabetes.

In only 3 months, Bill Bockhaus lowered his A1C from 9.8 to 5.6, his cholesterol from 210 to 138, and he lost 70 pounds!

Other diabetes organizations often claim that type 2 diabetes usually gets worse over time, and they offer no real solutions to fix this growing problem. That’s because they're in the business of making the numbers LOOK better. They cover up the numbers so they don't have to address the CAUSE of type 2 diabetes.

Drug companies sell you drugs to lower blood glucose, creams to ease nerve pain, and snazzy technology to improve your pain. But none of these fix the problem.

Big diabetes organizations offer diet advice to lower blood glucose numbers, such as to eat more eggs and more fish, but these foods only make diabetes worse. Again, no solution to the problem.

If this sounds like your world, then Erasing Diabetes is for YOU!

Erasing Diabetes is a remote coaching program that takes you from where you are now to being free of diabetes. From what and when to eat, how to exercise, how to look for trends in your blood glucose numbers -- you'll cover it all.

I can help! Contact me now to get started.

Evan P.

In 2018, Evan's A1c was 12.1, and he weighed 429 pounds. He had type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Today, Evan's A1C is 4.8, he weighs 190 pounds, and he feels great! He doesn't have diabetes anymore!  

Bill B. 

The results of his blood work were not good: Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. His A1c was 9.8, his cholesterol was 210, and he weighed 278 pounds.

Following the Erasing Diabetes plan, it took Bill only 3 months to drop his A1C to 5.6, his cholesterol to 138, and he lost 70 pounds! 

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