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Thrive Bundle!
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✔️Summer Shape-Up Challenge
✔️ Fall Back to Basics Bootcamp
✔️ Happy  Healthy  Holidays

The Thrive Bundle was inspired by my work with other programs.

You see, when people completed my programs, they lost their sources of support. Weekly sessions and group interaction came to an end.

When the program information and the continuous inspiration ended, people got off track. And the more time that passed, the further off track they got.

Don’t let that happen to you!

The Thrive Bundle is the perfect way to keep you committed. Every 6 weeks or so, there will be a fun and engaging 10-day Challenge. You’ll never have enough time to get too far off track.

The Thrive Bundle is designed to keep you motivated, energized, and committed to your healthiest self through 2024. The 10-Day Challenges are planned for the specific seasons when many people struggle with wellness habits.
What’s included in the Thrive Bundle?

Join me for 3 exciting 10-day Challenges in 2024:
Summer Shape-Up (July 22 – August 1):
This 10-day journey will inspire you to incorporate colorful, healthful, and delicious salads and smoothies into your daily menus. We'll Kick-Off Summer Shape-Up with a live Zoom call and Wrap-Up with an inspiring session to keep the momentum going. In between calls, connect with me and the group in our dedicated Discussion Room.
Fall Back to Basics Bootcamp (September 23 – October 3):
Recommit to the 5 Power Moves with the Fall Back-to-Basics Bootcamp. We'll refocus on the foundation of your health journey. Start strong with an energizing Kick-Off Zoom call, collaborate and share tips with me and members of the group in the Discussion Room, and finish with a motivational Wrap-Up session to renew your recommitment.
Happy Healthy Holidays (Begins November 18 and runs through the 2024 winter holidays):
Navigate the holiday season with confidence, not guilt. We'll learn and have fun as we share tips and strategies to make this holiday season refreshing and joyful. The way that it should be.

You'll finish out 2024 strong and energetic, not with regrets of overindulging and overscheduling yourself. This extended challenge starts with a lively Kick-Off Zoom call and continues with a Check-In Zoom call mid-way through. And don't forget the Discussion Room -- the perfect place to share holiday recipes. You'll be able to ring in 2025 as the healthiest version of YOU!

Kick-Off call: Monday, November 18
Check-in call #1: Thursday, December 5
Check-in call #2: Monday, December 16
Each challenge in the Thrive Bundle includes:
  • Kick-Off Zoom Call: Spark excitement and set your intentions with a live introductory session
  • Dedicated Discussion Room: Foster community and support as you share recipes, pictures, and encouragement with others in the group
  • Delicious results-getting recipes and helpful information to help feed your active, healthy body
  • Wrap-Up Zoom Call: Celebrate your progress and gather inspiration to maintain healthy lifestyle habits
Why Join the Thrive Bundle?
When you join in the fun of the Thrive Bundle, you'll reinforce the benefits of the 5 Power Moves and get the continued support and motivation you need to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Stay committed, stay inspired, and stay on track in 2024 with the Thrive Bundle!

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